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Identifying Your Needs

Let our team assist your organization with the selection, development, and implementation of a comprehensive risk management and insurance program. We offer an extensive selection of high-level services, products, and solutions.

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Finding the Right Fit

Standard insurance isn’t always the proper solution. We work with your organization to find the right balance of insurance and risk management tools to best suit your needs.

At the ENCORE GROUP, we maintain a simple, straightforward philosophy toward doing business: we only act on opportunities that make collective sense for our clients, suppliers, and shareholders.

We believe it’s only an opportunity when it’s fair for everyone because we recognize that everyone needs to benefit from the services we provide. We look for business partners who share that philosophy in order to build long-term relationships that are as pleasant as they are profitable.

That’s what keeps us focused on what we do—and on being the best integrated insurance solutions company we can be.

With more than 80 years of combined industry experience among its principals, ENCORE GROUP will act on your behalf to identify and develop the necessary services, solutions, products, and programs required for your business.

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We have a philosophy in our business to always operate and make decisions that are in our client’s best interest.

Unlike many commercial brokerages, we avoid placing our clients in a position of market fatigue by carefully selecting which insurers we approach rather than blocking markets each renewal in an effort to avoid competition.

We believe that our ongoing commitment to service and always making decisions that put our client’s first is the best avenue to develop and maintain positive, long-term business relationships.

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We recognize the importance of prompt and reliable service as a critical component to building our business and bringing value to clients.

Certificates of Insurance and the timing of bond delivery can be the difference between securing a successful bid for many of our clients.

We utilize a low client-to-advisor ratio that allows us to meet and exceed your service needs and expectations.

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We continue to build our business by providing coverage solutions to businesses with complex and unique risk profiles.

Our clients do not fit into a cookie-cutter product and often require sophisticated technical knowledge to address their business’ coverage needs properly.

Our experience in this marketplace, along with strong market representation from key national and international insurers, allows us to provide our clients with a high-end product and service experience.

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